Ch1CoverChapter 1: Lonely Blue World

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Summary: Scaevus, the Fire God of Tellurius, has frequent dreams involving the death of his fiance, Korvin, but proceeds with a mission from his boss, Cella, to communicate with the political heads of the isolated city Zenidian. With Durantes, Cella’s son, he arrives and bumps into someone who has an uncanny resemblance to Korvin.









 Chapter 2: Cry Wolf, Count Sheep

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Summary: Kier, a thief from the Ederne Isle Thieves’ Guild steals a precious artifact from Aeson Temple. Zephiro is tasked to capture her and retrieve the gear, but must travel to Zenidian to find her. Additionally, he is given a task by Roux, the Water God, to kill a “prince”.









Chapter 3: Heavy on the Heart

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Summary: TBA