Neo-Tellurian Order


Scaevus Vistam • Ascended Ionele (Fire God) • 57
Scaevus is almost impossible to figure out. He’s a wild card, erratic and unpredictable in nature. While he is hot and wild like a raging forest fire, he can also be tamed and contained, much like the flame on a candle’s wick. He isn’t necessarily a thinker, but that doesn’t mean he is unintelligent.



Vago Infrenzius • Ionele/Human • 64
Vago shows his wisdom whenever he gets the chance and can prove to be long-winded about a subject that he is especially knowledgeable about.  He is unimpressed by everyone and views everything with jaded eyes and taut lips.




Cella Costello • Human • 42
Though she is meek in appearance, Cella rules over the Neo-Tellurian Order with an iron fist. The Masters all answer to her and her alone, but because of her frequent meltdowns, she has passed most of her political duties on to them.



Nyson Thanes • ??? • ???
Not much is known about Nyson aside from his apparent separation from the Neo-Tellurian Order. What is known is that his actions, whatever they may have been, caused a rift in the group and their ties.



DurantesIconDurantes “Ducky/Duckling” Costello • Ionele/Human • 20
Cella’s only child and novice diplomat for the Neo-Tellurian Order. Though wet behind the ears, this doesn’t keep Durantes from being serious about his job. Though, outside of professional interactions, Durantes is feisty and head-strong, something he picked up from his adoptive uncle, Scaevus.


Latril Islanders

KorvinIconKorvin Rabanus • Human • Deceased (23 at death)
Korvin is Scaevus’s deceased fiancè. He was executed for being Scaevus’s lover on Latril Isle, a society that forbade homosexual relationships. Not much is known about him other than the fact that Scaevus has nightmares regarding Korvin’s death.




Sabi • Human • 26
A young man that Scaevus met on the Zenidian docks. He bears a very striking resemblance to Korvin, but he’s completely different from Korvin as far as his personality is concerned. He appeared to be moving into the city.



rouxiconRoux • Ascended Ionele (Water God) • About 100 years
When Zephiro was trapped in a burning building, Roux took pity on him and granted him the divine essence to ascend into Godhood. However, he’s become increasingly impatient with Zephiro for failing to repay his debt for saving his life. Sometimes appears as a giant kraken/squid beast.


Zenidian Residents

NadosIconNados Gebara • Dasir/Ionele • ???
Nados lives in Zenidian with his brother, Ricane, and his niece, Carmen. He’s loud and rude in comparison to Ricane and seems to have an extreme prejudice towards “lesser beings”, humans especially.



RicaneIconRicane Gebara • Human/Ionele • ???
Ricane is a famous Tellurian author, well-known for his romance novels. He lives in Zenidian with his younger brother, Nados, and his niece, Carmen. While Nados is loud and boisterous, Ricane usually steps in to balance his brother with charisma and intellect.



Carmen Gebara • Dasir/Ionele • 26
The head of operations revolving around Zenidian. She’s kind and excitable, albeit a bit ditzy. What she lacks in political knowledge is made up with her desire to always do the right thing. (Sort of) dating Sabi.


Ederne Isle Thieves

KierIconKier • Human/Ionele • 28
A thief aligned with the Ederne Isle Thieves’ Guild’s Green Team. She appears to be very focused and quiet. Kier has been cursed by the spirit of a wolf and transforms under the light of the moon, but has some control. She chooses to see this as a gift and works in tandem with the spirit, which she has lovingly named Jin.


Aeson City Temple

CaietaIconCaieta Loxley • Human • 20
A devout follower of the Aeson City Temple. She works directly underneath Father Gabriel and appears to be very knowledgeable about the inner workings of the Ederne Isle Thieves’ Guild.



GabrielIconFather Gabriel Fiore • ??? • 45
Father Gabriel is one of the four cardinal priests of the Aeson Temple and reigns over the Northeastern Wing. He is very down to earth and far more understanding than his three colleagues. Caieta, his daughter, works directly beneath him as one of the temple nuns.

NaroIconFather Naro Aeson • Human/Ionele • 50
Father Naro is one of the four cardinal priests of the Aeson Temple and reigns over the Southwestern Wing. In comparison to Father Gabriel, he is a lot more hot-headed and strict. He takes pride in his position because of his lineage from the original Aeson High Priest.

Nemoidan Residents

VerdenIconVerden Alesci • Ionele • 28
Verden, though kind and altruistic, is considered a black sheep among his family and the rest of society. While his parents and siblings have delved deep in the teachings of the Aeson Temple, Verden has completely rejected them. Because of this, Verden is generally outcasted by most of his peers.



ZephiroIconZephiro Alesci • Ascended Ionele (Wind God) • 45
Outwardly, Zephiro is a very cold and emotionless individual. He is a man of few words and fewer expressions and it’s a wonder how and why Zephiro has a loving family. He is extremely protective of his husband and daughter to almost dangerous extents.Though he puts most of his trust and love in Verden, he seems to be hiding something from him.





Brooke Alesci • Ionele • 5
Zephiro and Verden’s daughter. She’s friendly and outgoing and driven by a powerful imagination. She also really, really loves cats.



Aisha • ??? • ???
Eccentric and exciting, Aisha is an aloof citizen of the city of Nemoidan. She works as a youth counselor with connections to every school in the city. Because of this, she knows almost everyone in the city, but still somehow remains a secret to everyone else.